Buy Apple Gift Card Online

Apple Gift Card is the reward offering service that helps its customers grab many kinds of the rewards from the company. By getting the card, the company helps you get many kinds of hardware and other accessories from any store of the company.

It makes it easier to manage your payment options and many other services including an extra security layer to your payments as well.

Here Is The Process To Buy The Apple Gift Card

The gift card lets you grab some reward offers that can be redeemed at some time later and can be enjoyed in some ways. Here is the process to buy the gift card:

  • Go to the official website of the Apple by just clicking on this given URL:
  • Once the page is loaded, scroll down to the end of the page until you see two types of options to buy the card.
  • The company lets you buy the card via mail, and it can also be bought via an email as an eGift Card.
  • To buy the card via the mail, just click on the blue “Mail a Gift Card>” link below the option.
  • That will take you to a data filling from on the next page.
  • Type of the card you want to get in the first field on this page.
  • Type in a short gift message for the receiver as well if you want to in the box below the amount field.
  • Now, at the right side of the card options, look for a blue “Add to Bag” button, click on it to move forward.
  • Now click on your item on this page.
  • The item is now added to your bag now, click onto the small basket logo in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click the blue “Check Out” button now on a short menu list opened by clicking on the logo.
  • If you have an Apple account, just type in the ID and the password in the two fields and then click the blue “Sign In” button below the form.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can just proceed as a guest as well by clicking the blue “Continue as Guest” button.
  • Now, review your order and click the blue “Continue” button below the order.
  • Now, provide your first and the last name in the first two fields.
  • Provide the company name in the next field now.
  • Type in your area code and then the phone number in the next fields.
  • Provide your street address and then the Apt. Suit, or any other info you want to give in the next field.
  • Type in your Zip Code in the next field now.
  • Check the box, if you want to save the address as your business address as well.
  • Now, provide the email address, are code and the mobile phone number again.

Click the blue “Continue” button at the end of the page now; that will get you to the next page where you will have to provide a few little information to get the card.