How To Join AARP For Member Advantages

When we talk about the AARP, then most of the people would think about the insurance products. However, there are several other AARP member perks that may surprise you. There are several additional perks, such as discounts, special programs, and other services that you can enjoy with your AARP membership. There are benefits on the go, online games, eyewear, hearing care and vision exams, free movies, dining, entertainment, and shopping discounts, and much more that comes with their membership. In this post, you are going to learn what your membership includes. We will also let you know how you can join them for the exclusive member benefits.

What Do You Get With AARP Membership?

Although there are so many membership perks, here are some of the most exciting membership benefits that you get with the membership:

Benefits & Discounts

As a member, you would be able to access healthcare products, homeowners insurance, automobile insurance, and many other services. You will also get exciting discounts on phone plans, entertainment, dining, travel, and much more.

Award Winning Publications

The AARP Magazine has many exciting features for the readers. Stay up to date with AARP Bulletin that brings the most recent news and information every month.

Valuable Facts For Well Being

The AARP members get valuable information on how to live well. You would be able to learn more about healthy living, consumer protection, caring for the parents, and financial planning. This helps you live a better life.

Advocacy On Significant Issues And Community Services

You will have a voice in your own state and in Washington that represents you on the concerns, such as Medicare, consumer protection, and Social Security. You will also have access to the driver safety courses, nationwide volunteer net, and the local chapters.

Now that we have learned enough about the exciting cardmember perks and exclusive discounts, let’s find out how you can join AARP.

Instructions To Join AARP For Exclusive Member Advantages

Here is the simple set of instructions that you are supposed to follow in order to join AARP for exclusive member advantages:

  1. Visit the official AARP Member Advantages site on your personal computer. This site can be accessed using the link:
  2. At the top-left hand side of the site, you need to click the “AARP Membership” option. After that, new options will slide down where you need to click “Join AARP” option.

Right after, you’ll be at the official Join AARP application page. Fill up the application form, provide your billing information, and then confirm your provided info to complete the application process. If you find any issues with the online application, then you can dial 1.800.566.0242 for immediate assistance.