Check Whole Foods Market Gift Card Balance

Whole Foods Market Gift Card is the reward offering as well as the gift option provided by the company to get the discount offers on the items of the company and to make the events of your loved ones memorable as well by gifting a gift card to them.

The parent company was founded back on September 20, 1980; 36 years ago, in the Austin, Texas, and is headquartered there as well.

Process To Check The Whole Foods Market Gift Card Balance

The opportunity to check the gift card balance is a gifted one, during the times when a person hardly finds a time to manage his home duties. Apart from this, to avoid the embarrassment of getting out of money at the time of paying is one of the most unwanted things in life, the online checking ability helps in all these matters.

You need these things to check the gift card balance online:

  • A good speed internet connection that must be reliable and stable as well.
  • A computer, or a laptop if you are on your home and a mobile or a tab if you are at the store.
  • Your Gift Card that you bought from the official website of the company earlier.
  • Your Card number.
  • The PIN as well.

Make sure to have all this with you, and once you have them, you are good to go. Here is what you have to do now:

  • Connect your laptop, computer, mobile or a tablet to the internet connection depending on your location and position.
  • Open your internet browser on the device now.
  • Google Chrome is suggested in this case.
  • Go to the official website of the company now and visit the gift cards page now.
  • To get the direct access, you can also go to the gift cards page via this link
  • Scroll down to the extreme last on the page now.
  • Now, here, you will be needing your gift card, take a look at it and find the gift card number mentioned at the bottom of it.
  • Once you have it, type it in the first empty field on the page now.
  • Now, look for the PIN as well, it is also mentioned at the bottom of the card.
  • Now, select the card type in the section under it, select that your card is an online eCard, Online Physical or bought in a store.
  • After selecting the type, click the box under it, that will give you a small chart, you have to give the captcha verification now as per it demands. This is to prove you are not a bot but a human.

Click the orange “Check Balance” button at the end of this page. This will get you to the next page; now you are looking at all the details about your card balance, history as well as the remaining balance as well. You must check it after every 2-3 days.