Top 6 Best Airline Credit Cards


Traveling has always been an exciting time for the travelers who use to fly towards different countries or interstate. However, the increasing inflation becomes an issue, sometimes, for the frequent flyers. For such concerns, many airlines come with some exciting programs for the frequent flyers that help them get discounts and special deals and traveling features.

There is also a wide range of the airline or travel credit cards that also prove fruitful in such cases. Today, we are here to put light on some of the highly recommended airline credit cards that the frequent flyers must look at. Here are our today’s top 6 airline credit cards that you should have a look at.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card comes with some fruitful travel perks that a frequent flyer will like. It offers 1 to 1 point transfers to the Southwest Rapid Rewards, United MileagePlus, and some other programs designed specifically for the frequent flyers. When this card holder purchases something relevant to travel and dining, then he will be rewarded 2 points for that. There will be 1 point per dollar purchase everywhere else. The cardholder will also be able to enjoy the 50,000 bonus points, once he spends more than $4,000 within the first three months of card ownership. These points can be used to offset or pay the traveling cost. For the first year, there won’t be any annual fee, and then it will be $95/year.

  1. Discover It Miles Card

This is another great choice for the frequent flyers. When a Discover It Miles Cardholder spends a dollar using this card, then he will be able to get 1.5 points against that. These points can be used to offset or to completely pay the traveling purchases with the help of a statement card. The best part of this card is that the cardholder can also take all the earnings in the cash back, rather than consider them for the traveling needs. It means that the cardholder will get the 1.5% cash back on every single purchase that he will make using this card. There is no annual fee and no blackout dates which mean that the cardholder can fly any airline, any day.

  1. Alaska Airlines Visa

The Alaska Airlines Visa also provides great deals for the frequent flyers. The cardholder can get the 3 miles for every dollar spent on the Alaska Airline Flights. Other than the Alaska Airline Flights, the cardholder will earn 1 mile on 1 dollar spent. This card can be used for the Alaska Airline Flights or the flights on the Delta, British, American Airways, and the other partner airlines. Within the first 90 days of the card ownership, the cardholder can spend $1,000 to get the 30,000 bonus miles. There is also the benefit of a free checked bag and no foreign transaction fee for the Alaska Airline Visa card holders. This card is offered with the chip-enabled security for the enhanced security.

  1. Blue Sky from American Express

The Blue Sky Card from the American Express is another great airline credit card that has many perks for its holder. This is a point card that doesn’t have any annual fee and the points earned from this card can be used to offset the original traveling costs across any airline. The cardholder can get 1 point for every single dollar spent, and he can redeem in the 7500 point increments for the $100 statement credit on the air as well as the other traveling purchases. For example, if your credit card has 7,500 points in it and your flight cost $300, and then there can be a $100 credit that will make the flight cost $200. The entire flight ticket can be free if you have the enough points on your card, which is a great deal.

  1. Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

You can get a Frontier Airlines World MasterCard to earn 2 miles for every single dollar spent on the Frontier Airlines. Elsewhere, a $1 spent will get you 1 mile. There is a $69 annual fee for this credit card. If you are concerned about the annual fee, then there is also another zero-annual-fee version of this card available that you can get. But, the zero-annual fee card offer half the miles, when compared with the standard version of the card. There are the 40,000 bonus miles that can be taken by making purchases of $500 or more within the first 90 days of the opening of the account. The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard holders can also enjoy a $100 flight discount after the account anniversary, but for that, the cardholder needs to spend $250 or more from their account during the card membership year. There is also the 0% introductory APR on the balance transfers and the complimentary Fico Credit Score as well

  1. Spirit Airlines MasterCard

The Spirit Airlines MasterCard lets the cardholders earn the miles for the every single dollar that they spend using this card. For the first year, the card will have no fee, but after that, there will be a $59 annual fee that the cardholder will have to pay. The cardholder can earn the 15,000 bonus miles after he/she make the first purchase (conditions apply). On the everyday purchases, the cardholder can enjoy the double miles for the every single dollar spent. There are no blackout dates and the availability of the preferred boarding at several airports. So, this is another good option for the airline credit card seekers that they can grab for the benefits that it offers.

So, these were the today’s top 6 airline credit cards picks that we shared with you. Before you grab one, it is highly advised to know their perks and carefully read the terms and conditions set by the credit card companies offering these cards. This will help you identify the most viable airline credit card option for your needs and requirements.