Top 5 Business Credit Cards To Look At


Are you looking for the business credit cards? If so, then there are basically two options for you to choose from. Business credit cards come in two different types such as “corporate credit cards” and the “small business credit cards.”

To know which business credit card has the more perks than the others, it is important for the credit card seeker first to go through the different types of available credit cards. Today, we are here to discuss the top 5 business credit cards that can fulfill your requirements for which you might be looking for the business credit cards.

  1. Bank of America Cash Rewards for Business MasterCard

This business credit card offers the cardholder a 3% back on the office supply and gas purchases, 2% cash back also on the restaurant purchases and there is 1% cash back on whatever else purchases that a cardholder makes using the credit card. Once this cardholder manages to spend $500 in purchases within the first 60 days of the card activation or account opening, and then the cardholder would be awarded a bonus statement credit of $100. After the cardholder earns $25, then he would become eligible to redeem the cash back. There isn’t any annual fee and the 0% introductory APR on the purchases that are made for the nine billing cycles from the opening of the account. You can also manage your account online, and they also provide the mobile access.

  1. American Express SimplyCash Business Credit Card

This is a simple cash back business credit card that credits the cardholder’s earnings into his account, every month. It means that there is no need for redemption, down the line. The cash back that this credit card provides 5% on the United States wireless phone services and at the office supply stores. There is also a 3% cash back that the cardholder can get on a one spending type of his choice. This cardholder is also eligible to get 1% cash back on all further purchases that he makes using this business credit card. It’s a no annual fee credit card that has a 0.0% introductory APR for the first nine months and after that, there will be the variable APR rate like 12.49%, 17.49% or 19.49%. This variable APR will depend on the creditworthiness of the cardholder. This card is a great option for the ones who want to customize their cash back, for the buying power, and for the wireless phone subscribers.

  1. Ink Cash Business Card from Chase

This is another decent option for the business credit card seekers. It offers decent 5% cash back on the cardholder’s first $25,000 spending, annually, at the office supply goods and on the landline, cable TV cellular phone, and internet services. There is also 2% cash back that the cardholder can enjoy on the first $25,000 that he spends annually at the restaurants and gas stations. The cardholder can also get benefit from the 1% cash back on anything else that he purchases using this business credit card.  Within the first three months, if the cardholder manages to spend $3,000 using this card, then he would also be able to enjoy $200 bonus cash back that is a nice offer to watch out. The rewards can be redeemed for the cash back and also for the gift cards and travel. The Ink mobile app is also available for easier access and they also provide the extended warranty protection.

  1. U.S Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards MasterCard

This business credit card provides 3% discount on the office supply purchases, gas, and cellular services. The cardholders also have given an opportunity to enjoy 1% cash back on whatever else things purchase using this business credit card. This business credit card lets its holders enjoy 0% introductory APR that will be valid till the billing cycles of the first nine months and after that period, there will be the variable APR that is currently as 12.24% to 24.24%, that is also based on the cardholder’s creditworthiness. This credit card offers zero fraud liability, and it’s a no annual fee credit card, so you don’t have to worry about the yearly fee. They also offer free employee cards, and every single card will earn the cash rewards. There is also no cap on the Cash Rewards’ total amount which means that the cardholder can earn the rewards that will not have an expiry date.

  1. Capital One Spark Cash Select Visa Business Credit Card

This is a small business credit card that provides 1.5% cash back on all the purchases that a cardholder makes using this credit card. There are unlimited rewards, and the credit card doesn’t have any annual fee. There is also a one-time $200 cash bonus that the cardholder would be able to enjoy when he makes the purchases of $3,000 within the first three months of the account opening. The cardholder also has the facility to add free employee cards without any additional fee. Every single employee card will provide the reward opportunities. When we talk about the purchase rate, then this credit card has a 0% intro APR like most of the business credit cards that is for the first nine months. After the first nine months, there will be a variable APR of 13.24% – 21.24%. They also provide the fraud coverage and alerts to the cardholders. If the card is stolen or lost, then the then there will be $0 fraud liability. The cardholder will also be notified OF the fraud attempts through the phone, email, or text.

So, above were our today’s top 5 business credit card picks. We hope that now you would be able to easily identify the right type of business credit cards as per your needs and requirements. You can apply for such cards at their official websites. But, before you apply for a particular business credit card, it is also highly recommended to read their terms and conditions thoroughly.