Accept My BP Credit Card Offer

Do you have an account at the Synchrony Bank? If yes, then do you have their credit card? The Synchrony Bank (SYNCB) is issuing BP Credit Cards to its customers. This credit card comes with all the perks of a standard credit card, along with some additional perks that the bank offers only to their customers. If you want to apply for this credit card, then the bank has introduced a fairly simple and quick online process for that. This quick guide will walk you through the process of how you can apply for their credit card.

How To Accept BP Credit Card Offer?

As discussed before, the process to apply for this card is really simple and fast. You just need to have a computer and a reliable internet connection. Apart from that, having your acceptance letter that you should have received from the bank is necessary. You will need to use the authorization code and the last name at the time of filling up the online application to get started. This information will be located on the bottom of the letter on acceptance certificate.

Process to Apply for BP Credit Card

Please read on to get familiarized with the simple process of applying for the BP Credit Card:

  1. Open up whatever web browser you use, and then simply open this link in its address bar: This link should take you to their official credit card application page in a bit.
  2. Once you have reached that application page, you can see two blank fields, such as “Authorization Code” and “Last Name”. Refer to your letter on the acceptance certificate to find this detail. Fill up those two required fields with the correct information, and then simply press the green “Submit” button.

You will be moved to the “Confirmation” page that is the step two in the application process. Follow up the instructions there to see the “Results” on the third page. Following the on-screen instructions will complete your credit card application.

Want to Read Privacy Policy?

If you want to read the privacy policy for using this credit card before you apply for it, then you can also read it on the same page by clicking the link “Privacy Policy”. This link is also available at the bottom of the page from where you can access it.