How To Join Gordon Biersch Rewards Program Online

The Gordon Biersch offers you Passport Rewards Program that offers you a chance to have a much better experience. This program offers you a $10 welcome value and a lot of other perks too. For instance, you will have access to exclusive events that are only for the members. You will get the birthday e-gifts in your inbox. There is also an exclusive double point offer that you will get by joining this program. In this post, you will get to know how to join this program. We will also discuss this program in detail, and then we will show you how you can join this program online.

Gordon Biersch Passport Rewards Program Rewards Details

One passport point is offered for every single dollar you spend. After earning enough rewards, you can easily redeem those points for prizes and rewards. You can redeem the points, anytime, for the rewards, like brewer’s dinners, Gordon Biersch gift cards, as well as for different fantasy vacations. To go through the complete list of the rewards, you can access their website and open their rewards tab. Visit the nearest Gordon Biersch and sign up to get the Rewards Card. You can also get the card via GBLife Mobile application. After that, earning rewards is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

How Many Ways You Can Join The Passport Rewards Program?

For your convenience, there are 3 different ways by which you can join this program. You can visit the local Gordon Biersch location or their website to register for the program. Or, you can simply download their official mobile app and register through that. The mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users. If you decide to register your rewards card online and you need help, then you should get in touch with the Passport Guest Services. There is no fee to join this program.

How To Check Your Account Balance?

You can easily check your account balance online. But to check the account balance online, your card must be registered online on their website. If you are not registered, then you just need to access their website and click “Register Now” option. After registering your card, you can log in to your account on their website or via mobile app to check your account balance, anytime.

How To Redeem Passport Points?

There are various methods by which you can redeem your passport points. You can redeem them in store, online, or via email. Here is what you should know to redeem your points through available methods:

  1. In-Store

If you have the prizes less than 750, then you can access any participating location of the Gordon Biersch to redeem the points instantly. Tell the server that you need to use the points for the automatic discount. Also show them the Rewards Card, check-in with the mobile app, or your registered phone number. This is all that you need to do in order to redeem your points at one of their participating locations.

  1. Online

The second method to redeem your points is online. If your prizes are less than 750, then you can redeem those points, anytime, through your online account. Access your account on their website using your account username & password. After signing in to your online account, you can redeem the points from there.

  1. Email

The third available method to redeem the points greater than 750 is email redemption. In this method, you simply need to email the redemption request. You can send the redemption request to In the email, you should share your information, such as your name, passport card number, and the reward that you need to redeem for.

The Welcome value of $10 will be posted to the Rewards card after the registration of the card. This value would be valid for only 30 days.

Do Passport Points Or Account Expire?

You must use your Passport card at least one time within the twelve months. Otherwise, the passport points will expire. The passport card never expires. However, the card will become inactive, if you don’t use it for consecutive 12 months. If the card becomes inactive, then you can reactivate it by contacting their customer support. After the reactivation of your card, you will again be able to start earning the points. You can contact the Passport Guest Services to reactivate your card.

What If You Lost Your Passport Card?

If you have lost your Passport card, then you can get another one. You just need to visit the nearest Gordon Biersch location and share with them the following details:

  • Your Passport card number
  • Registered phone number
  • Mobile Passport check in code

They will provide you the new card and activate it and transfer the previous information on that.

Instructions To Join Gordon Biersch Rewards Program Online

Here are the simple instructions that you should follow in order to register for this program online:

  1. Access the official website of the Gordon Biersch. To access their website, you can use the link:
  2. On their website, you can click the “FAQS” options to get to know how to join the program. On that page, the first question will be “How Do I Join the Passport Program?” Under this question, you should click the given link to start the online registration process.

If you find any convenience or have any questions, then you can get in touch with their customer services team, any time.