How To Join Hyatt Loyalty Program

The World of Hyatt is a loyalty program that has lots of perks for the members. It offers an amazing experience and personal connections to every single member of the program. Beyond the great locations, top-of-the-line amenities, and luxurious rooms, this program joins you with the people, stories, and places according to your interests. As a Hyatt Loyalty Program member, you can also earn & redeem points for fitness classes, spa therapies, and more at their Exhale locations. Today, we will discuss this program in detail and you will also learn how to join this program online on their website.

Highlights Of Benefits Of Hyatt Loyalty Program

Although there are many, some of the perks really have exceptional value for the members. Here are some of the key benefits that might attract you to join their membership:

  • Member rate helps you save as much as 10% at the participating locations
  • Members-only offers exclusively for the Hyatt Loyalty Program members
  • Earning points is simple and quick on dining, stays, FIND experiences and spa services
  • Points can be used for the free nights without blackout dates at the Hyatt hotels (starts only from 5000 points)
  • If you stay at five different Hyatt brands, then you will get a free-of-cost night award

With this program, you can make your traveling experience easier and memorable. You can spend your points on the free nights at hotels and resorts, car rental, and airline miles. The points that you earn can also be shared with other members of this program.

Earning Points

You can earn points for the activities that you already love to do. Every single point that you earn can be used for upgrades, free nights, and more.

Base Points:

5 (Five) Base Points are offered on every single (eligible) United States dollar purchase that you make on dining, spa services, stays, and more at their participating locations. 10 (Ten) base points are offered for every single (eligible) purchase at the FIND Experiences. At the participating destinations of the My Life Rewards, you can earn the base points on qualifying activities. You can also earn the miles with their airline partners to stay at the participating Hyatt resorts and hotels.

Bonus Points:

The program also offers some bonus points to the members. For the Avis car rental, you can receive 500 bonus points. The members can also participate in the special promotions to earn bonus points. You can arrange a qualifying event or meeting and receive 1 bonus point for every eligible dollar purchase. You can earn as much as 50000 bonus points.

How To Use Your Points

You can redeem your points for the free nights in the standard rooms at the Hyatt resorts and hotels. The points can also be redeemed for the room upgrades, spa services, dining, and more. You can share free night awards or points with any member of the program. For your stay, you can combine your cash with the points that you have earned. You have also got the option to convert your points for the car rental awards and airline travel. To know more about using your points, you can also talk to their customer service or go through their website.

Hotels Perks And Extra Privileges

If you are staying at one of their participating hotels or resorts, then you can make your stay a wonderful experience by redeeming the award night or paying the eligible rate. The complimentary internet service allows you to stay connected, round the clock. On the free night awards, you will enjoy the waived resort charges.

If you are at a participating Hyatt resort or hotel, you can have a 10% discount with your Member Rate. With the M life Rewards, you can receive the Sapphire status, the MGM Resorts International’s loyalty program. There are many more ways by which you can get rewarded through this program.

Instructions To Join The Hyatt Loyalty Program

It is really simple and fast to join this program on their website. The entire process should take maximum 5 minutes of time. Just turn on your PC that must be connected to the internet, and then perform the simple steps that are as below:

  1. Access the official World of Hyatt Loyalty Program web page in the web browser that you use. The link to open their web page is:
  2. Now on their website, look for the button “Join Now”. This button is located on the top-right hand corner of the web page. Click this button to start the membership registration process.

Now you are at the official membership registration page where you can see a registration form. Just fill up this form with all necessary information. On this page, you can also click “Terms & Conditions” or “Privacy Policies” links to first go through the program terms and conditions and privacy policy. Finally, you should click the “JOIN NOW” button to get registered.

To sign in to your member account, you should click “Sign In” option on the top-right corner of the same web page. A new box will appear on your computer screen where you should enter your World of Hyatt # or Username and Password in the matching fields. Click “Sign In” to sign in to your online account.