Top 6 Visa Credit Cards to Look At

Do you want to know the right visa credit card for your needs? For those with the personal preferences for the Visa cards over the MasterCard/Discover/American Express, this is very important to go through some of the most popular visa cards before applying for the one.

Today, we are going to help you know the top 6 Visa credit cards that will help you identify the right card as per your personal desires or needs. So, here we are, presenting you some of the most popular cards currently available that you can apply.

This is a visa card that helps the cardholder earn points towards the Disney rewards of all sorts. There are two types of cards that are offered to the clients. One is a no-annual fee version that is known as a Disney Rewards Visa Card. The other one is Disney Premier Visa Card with $49 annual fee that comes with more rewards on every single dollar spent. With the no-annual-fee card version, the cardholder can get a benefit of a $50 statement credit after the first purchase. The Disney Premier Card offers a massive $200 statement credit after the cardholder makes purchases of $500 within the first three months of the account opening. There are the everyday rewards, vacation rewards, payment flexibility, and many other perks that a cardholder can enjoy with these cards. For example, there are the discounts of up to 10% OF the selective dining locations, merchandise purchases, etc. The cardholder can also choose from the ten different card designs as well.

This is a card that helps the cardholders with many exciting offers and features. It provides 1.5% cash back on every single purchase. Plus, the cardholder can redeem the rebates anytime. By spending a minimum of $500 within the first three months of the account activation, the cardholder can also enjoy a bonus of $100. This card is a great option for the individuals with “excellent credit.” This card doesn’t have any annual fee, and it offers the unlimited rewards to the cardholders as well. For the initial nine months, this card will have the 0% intro APR on the balance transfers which will become a variable APR after that period and will be 13.24% to 23.24%. There will also be a 3% fee that you will have to pay for the amounts transferred after the introductory period. This card doesn’t have any foreign transaction fee, $0 fraud liability, travel and shopping benefits, extended warranty, special access to events, and more.

This is a decent cash back card that offers decent 3% cash back at the restaurant and gas purchases. Alongside that, the cardholder will also enjoy 1% cash back on all another spending, everywhere. This card comes with lots of perks to look at. With 0% introductory rate for the initial 12 months balance transfers & purchases, this is a great card to look at. Once the introductory period of 12 months is gone, there will be the variable APR of 16.49% on the purchases and balance transfers. A 3% balance transfer fee will also be charged on the transferred amount with an at least of $5. The ones who own this card can also earn $100 bonus cash back from spending $500 on the purchases within the first three months of the account opening. The rewards points can be redeemed for the cruises, hotels, flights, and more. There are the purchase and return protection, zero liability protection, and a lot more perks also to look at.

This is a card that lets the cardholders earn discounts on the BP gas by making purchases using this card. When you spend $100 at the BP gas, then you will be able to enjoy a 15-cent discount from them. By making other purchases with this card, you will also be able to get a 5-cent discount. You can swipe this card at any of the BP pumps, and then you will find out that the gallon gas price is going down by your current discount’s amount. In the introductory offer, the cardholder can earn 25-cent off on one gallon, when you have spent the $100 wherever the Visa credit card is accepted for the first ninety days. This card also offers the 15-cent discount for the $100 spent on the selective dining, groceries, and travel. These are the benefits that make this card a decent option to look at.

This is a great card if you frequently use to buy at the Amazon. Whenever you spend a dollar at the Amazon with this card, then you will be getting points. The cardholder can earn 2 points for every single dollar spent at the drug stores, restaurants, and gas stations. There will be 1 point on the purchases made with this card at everywhere else. These points later can be used to pay some or all of future purchases that you are going to make at the Amazon. Right when your credit card application is accepted, there will be a $50 gift card that will be loaded into your account of This is a no-annual-fee card version with many additional perks.

Although this card doesn’t offer rewards, this card can be extremely good for you if you have decent credit and need the lowest interest rates. On purchases and balance transfers, for the initial 15 months, this card will have 0% interest rate and the best part is that there won’t be any balance transfer fee inside the first sixty days of the account opening. This $0 annual fee card also doesn’t have the penalty APR, which means that paying late will never raise the interest rate. So, if you have been looking around for the best visa credit cards, then this is yet another decent option that you should take a look at to know which one is right for you.