Check CVS Pharmacy Gift Card Balance

CVS Pharmacy is an American pharmacy and drug store company that has been in operation since 1963. The original name of the business was “Consumer Value Store” in the beginning, and now they have been recognized as one of the America’s top businesses, helping its clients with the most authentic health information, pharmacy, prescriptions, and drugstores.

Their products can be accessed both online and offline at their store locations. To know more about the company or to get to know the entire range of products and offered by them, one can visit their official website, anytime.

CVS Pharmacy Also Offer Gift Cards

CVS Pharmacy has the valuable gift cards for their customers that they can buy online or at their stores. These are the gift cards that one can buy in several denominations and for the many different events. In fact, these are the gift cards that provide a new shape to the gift-giving. The one who holds this gift card will have the freedom and the convenience to use it in the authorized stores or online to buy the products, anytime. So, if you are the one who is feeling doubtful while buying a gift for one of your best buddies, then you can gift them a CVS Pharmacy gift card. You can send their gift card either through emails (for the instant delivery) or standard mail to the recipient’s address.

You Can Also Check The CVS Gift Card Balance Online

Once you have got the gift card and you start purchasing your required product using that, you can also check your remaining balance, anytime. This can be done conveniently because all you need is your gift card and your PC which is connected to the internet. Please follow these necessary steps to check your gift card balance:

  • Visit the CVS Pharmacy official web page designed for the gift card customers by visiting the link:
  • Now you are on the official page of CVS/pharmacy gift cards.
  • Look under the “CVS/pharmacy Gift Cards” where you will find a red color link “Check Your Balance.” It is the second last link, so click that.
  • After that, a new page will open.
  • Look at the back side of your gift card. There will be the card number and the access code written there.
  • Provide your card number and access code in the two required fields.
  • Now, click “Get Card History” button to know your remaining card balance and other card information.
  • Please enter the card number and the access code carefully so that you can get the correct information without wasting any time.

This is how you can check the balance and review your transaction history. From the online gift card balance checker, you can get to know your remaining gift card balance, but there will only be the history of the ten recent transactions. If you are having any difficulties during the process, then you can also call them at their helpline.