Buy IKEA Gift Card Online

IKEA is a Swedish company that has been running some stores in many different parts of the United States. It was founded way back in the year 1943 and has been holding an experience of almost 73 years in the Älmhult, Sweden.

The multinational company has been headquartered in the Delft, Netherlands, from where it has been operating a total of 392 locations as per the report of the year 2016.

How To Buy The IKEA Gift Card

Gift Card offers a variety of reward offering and discount services to the customers. It also serves with many kinds of promotional deals and offers as well, that can be taken from any store of the company regardless of the location. Here is how to offer the buy the gift card:

  • Visit the official website of the company in order to buy the card, the direct access can be gained by visiting the following link:
  • Now, click onto the blue “Buy Now” button at the end of the homepage.
  • The company sells the cards in two ways; one through the email and the other one is through the mail, describing here is the process to buy the gift card through the mail.
  • Now, click onto the blue “Mail a Gift Card” button in the middle of the page.
  • Now, once the next page is loaded, click onto the card design, you want to get.
  • Now, select the quantity of the card you want to get.
  • After that, type in the amount of the card you want to get on your card.
  • Under the Recipient details section, type in the receipt name in the first field on the form.
  • Provide the email address as well in the next field.
  • Type in the name of the sender as well, and you can type in a message for the receiver as well.
  • Under the delivery details option, type in the first name in the first field now.
  • Provide the last name of the person in the next field.
  • Provide your complete address now as well.
  • Type in the city of the residence now.
  • Select your state as well.
  • Provide the Zip Code of the area of the residence as well.
  • Now, click onto the blue “Calculate Shipping Options” button and then provide the delivery method.
  • Click onto the blue “Check Out” button now.
  • Provide the purchaser’s email address and then the credit card number.
  • If the address you provided earlier is the same as the address and details needed on this page.
  • If it is not, provide all the details about the first name, last name, country, address, city, state, Zip Code and the Phone number as well in these fields.

In the end, click onto the blue “Submit Order” button at the end of the page and then on the next page, provide all the other information that is demanded there as well. In the end, you need to create an account and then submit the order at the end.