Join The Treadmill Factory Survey And Win Prizes

The online surveys are an easy and fast way to establish communication between the service providers and the service takers. This helps the service providers what their customers think about their services. On the other hand, the customers get the chance to convey their message, whether a complaint or praise, to the service providers. And such surveys get even better when you also get a chance to win exciting prizes after sharing your feedback. The Treadmill Factory is a chain of superstores in Toronto Canada. Established in 1988, the company serves its customers with gym & fitness and exercise equipment. If you’ve recently made a purchase at one of their stores, then you can share your experience with them by participating in their online survey.

The Treadmill Factory Survey Has Some Prizes For You

This online survey takes a couple of minutes for the completion and your message or feedback would be communicated directly to the company. You would be glad to know that this online survey can help you win some really great prizes. Here are the prizes that you can win through this survey:

  • $50 monthly gift certificate
  • $500 annual gift certificate

To enter the lucky draw, you simply need to complete their online survey. When you finish submitting your feedback, your entry would automatically be made into the draws. You can use the gift certificate at any of their stores. Whether you submit positive or negative feedback, the odds of winning the gift prize would remain the same.

Instructions To Join The Treadmill Factory Survey And Win Prizes

To enter this online survey and get a chance to win one of the available prizes, you need to follow the simple steps that are as below:

  1. You need to use the link: in order to access the official survey page. Right after, you would have to choose the available options, such as positive or negative feedback on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Now, select from the available stores. Here, you need to choose the store that you visited. After that, you should click the button “Write a review” and share your feedback in your own words. Just submit your views to complete this online survey.

This is how you should complete this online survey. You would automatically enter the lucky draw after submitting your feedback. The winners would be announced after the end date of this online survey.