Get Started With My Sprint Current Verification

My Sprint has a Sprint Works Program that is launched for the employees, company members, students, organizations, and universities. This program offers the opportunity to ensure savings and that too in a convenient manner. If you are someone who is planning to join Sprint, then you should do it right now because after joining, you would be able to enjoy lots of perks and service features like this program. If you are already their customer and want to know whether or not you are eligible for the savings, then you will have to visit their official website. In this post, we are going to let you understand the process of eligibility verification through their online verification application.

Basic Requirements

In order to know if you are eligible for this program, you must visit their website. It means that you just need to have a personal computer and that should be connected to the internet. Apart from that, you must also be their customer at the time of verifying the eligibility for this program. You can also read frequently asked questions on their official webpage for further details. For now, we will move on to see how the process of eligibility verification works.

Instructions For Eligibility Verification Process

If you want to get benefit from this program, then you should get your computer connected to the internet. After that, simply launch your web browser and perform these simple steps:

  1. Visit their official webpage to get started. You can visit the official webpage by using the link:
  2. When you arrive at the required webpage, you will find a yellow “Verify Eligibility” button. This button is located on the middle right of the screen. Once found, click this button. Now, you need to enter your Sprint phone number in the given fields and hit “Continue” button after that. Finish the process by following the on-screen instructions.

After completing the process, you will get their reply within the three business days via email. If you need further help or information about this program or discounts, then you can also talk to their support team.