Participate in Slim Chickens Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you live in the United States and you are a fast food lover, then you must be familiar with Slim Chickens. The restaurant company was established in 2003 and specializes in wings and chicken tenders. As of June 2017, the restaurant company is operating at 60 different locations where they are serving their customers with delicious food and top notch customer services. The focus of the company towards achieving absolute customer satisfaction can be judged by looking at the fact that they regularly launch customer satisfaction surveys. Through such surveys, the company gathers important views and feedbacks of the customers to come up better with their products and services in the future.

Why Slim Chickens Guest Satisfaction Survey Is Important To Company And Customers?

The online survey by Slim Chickens doesn’t only helps the customers share their experience, but it also helps the company improve their products and service. As their customer, you have the chance to tell them how you feel about their overall standards. You can tell them whether you are happy or unhappy with their services. You can point out the areas of their services where you want them to get better. If there is something that you really appreciate, then you can also highlight that through your feedback.

On the other hands, the restaurant company keeps themselves aware of the direction where they are heading in term of customer satisfaction. Online surveys are currently the fastest and the most reliable tool to see how a business is performing in the market. After getting the customer feedback, the company gets a chance to improve the areas where they should make improvements to keep the company growing fast and in the right direction. It ultimately helps both the company and their customers.

How Online Surveys Work?

Online surveys are really simple, quick and convenient to participate. A company, that launches an online survey, first makes a list of different questions related to the quality of the products and service they offer. After compiling all performance-related questions, the company puts them all in the form of a questioner on their official website. They invite all their current and potential customers to participate in the online survey and share their feedback. A survey taker just needs to access their survey page online and answer all the questions as per their personal experience to complete the survey. These surveys have an expiry date so you must partake before it ends.

After gathering the feedback, the company analyzes all the information collected through that survey and takes the necessary steps to improve their overall standards. Some surveys also greet you with some exciting gifts and promotions upon the completion of the survey.

You Can Win A $100 Gift Card

The best part about the Slim Chickens guest satisfaction survey is that you get a chance to win their gift card worth $100. It means that your time is not going to be wasted at all by participating in this survey. The winner will be selected randomly every month. There are total 12 prizes that are going to be distributed among the lucky winners. Only one winner will be announced in a month and it could be you if your luck favors you.

Survey Rules And Limitations

To be able to participate in this survey, there are some limitations and rules. To participate in the online survey, you obviously need to have an internet-connected computer. You must participate in this survey before the promotion ends. See the official survey page to know the promotion’s end date. You must also be at least 18 years of age at the time of participation. To see the complete rules and terms of the survey, you can access the official survey page, anytime.

Instructions To Enter Slim Chickens Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you want to participate in the online survey and share your feedback, then you should follow the simple instructions that are as below:

  1. Keep your purchase receipt handy. Now, access the official Slim Chickens survey page using any internet browser. Please use the link: to access the official survey page.
  2. Now, you can see 4 blank boxes on your computer screen where you need to enter the 17-digit survey code. This code is printed on your purchase receipt. After entering this code you need to click the “Start” button” to enter the online survey.

Now, simply answer all the survey questions to submit this online survey. Also, enter your contact information so that they can get in touch with you if you are selected as one of the lucky winners.

Mail-in Entry

If you don’t have the internet facility to enter the sweepstakes to win the exciting gift card prize, then you can also submit your entry by mail. You just need to send your details, like your name, telephone number, home address, date of birth, and email address to the following mailing address:

Feedback Sweepstakes,

Slim Chickens, 1088 E. Millsap Rd. Fayetteville, AR 72703

If you have questions, then you can go through the SMG Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the official survey page online.