How To Apply For REI Co-op MasterCard

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then the REI Co-op MasterCard could be a perfect choice for you. It offers you exceptional rewards on your REI purchases. There is also a great sign-up bonus that the new cardholders would enjoy with this card. If whitewater rafting, hiking, camping or other outdoor adventures are your favorite activities, then this card is a worth taking the option. However, this card might not go up to your expectations, when it comes to everyday use. There is no annual fee and handsome rewards are waiting for you. If you have recently received the card offer, then read this guide till the end to know how to respond to the card offer online.

REI Co-op MasterCard Pros And Cons

When it comes to rewards redemption, then there are several card benefits and a few possible drawbacks as well. Here is what you should know before you apply for this card:

Pros: You can earn unlimited rewards as there is no limit. To redeem the rebate, there isn’t any minimum amount obligation. The rebates will be applied automatically to the annual dividend. The dividends can be redeemed for money at any REI store prior to the following year’s 3rd January. When the dividends expire, the refunds are issued by check or cash for the unredeemed rebates.

Cons: The dividends are available only one time in a year and they only apply to the REI merchandise purchase. Dividends will expire on 3rd of January, just under two years after the issue date.

The cardholders will also be able to enjoy the World MasterCard perks, like concierge services, luxury hotels stay, resorts portal, and lost luggage coverage, etc. To go through the complete details, you can go through their website.

Other Prominent Features

Apart from the basic perks, there are also some other notable features. Some of them are zero fraud liability, extended warranty, price protection, identity theft, EMV chip technology, car rental damage insurance, and round-the-clock card services, etc.

Instructions To Apply For A REI Co-op MasterCard

If you have received the offer, then you can apply for the card by following the simple instructions that we have given below:

  1. Open the link: in order to access the required webpage where you are going to submit your application.
  2. Now on your computer screen, you will see a small “Enroll Now” section in the middle part. There, you need to enter your promotion code and your email address (optional). After entering the details, click the “Submit” button and follow remaining instructions to complete the process.

If you want to receive the special offers or information about the credit card, then you must enter your email address. Otherwise, you can leave that option blank.