How To Join Pampers Rewards Program

If you are a loyal customer of Pampers, then you can earn and save with their Rewards Loyalty program. This loyalty program is called Pampers Rewards that is available through their official mobile app. The app is available for iPhone and Android users. You can collect & redeem the points to grab coupons and gift for you as well as for your little champ. Scanning the code for the first time will get you 50 bonus points which are definitely an exceptional offer. In this post, we will discuss how this program works and we will also cover all the important aspects of this loyalty program. In the end, we will also let you know how you can join this program.

How Does Pampers Rewards Program Work?

This is so simple. After buying Pampers, you just need to grab your phone and download and the official “Pampers Rewards” app from the app store on your cell phone. After that, open the Pampers pack and get the code that you will find on a card. Take a picture of that code or simply enter it using the downloaded app. Tap on the “Submit Code” button. The app will process your code, and then it will add the points to your account. After the first sign in, you will receive 100 free points. Apart from that, you will also get 50 free points after adding the first code. You can convert your points into the rewards and savings through this app.

Is There Any Membership Card?

This program doesn’t offer any membership card. The app that you have on your phone is your account. At any United States retailer, you can earn the points this way.

How To Earn Points?

Whenever you buy a product of Pampers, you should launch the app on your Smartphone and scan codes that you find inside the product packaging to instantly earn points. For the wipe products, you should enter the code manually that you can see on the pack’s bottom side. From their rewards catalog, you can redeem the points for gifts and coupons. The codes that you enter would be added to your account instantly. However, some bonuses might take twenty-four hours in order to be awarded.

What Are The Pamper Rewards?

To know the rewards, you can visit their rewards catalog and go through the complete list of the amazing rewards offered to you. You will find the points amount required in order to redeem their rewards.

Where To Find The Rewards Code On A Wipes/Diapers Package?

Inside every single Pampers training pants or diapers package, you will get a white label with a rewards code. The codes will be printed directly on the pack or on the white sticker.

Diapers/Pants Bag:

After opening the bag, you will find the rewards code printed on the sticker. If you can’t read this code, then you should turn that package bag inside out.

Wipes Tub:

On a new tub, you will find the rewards code on a sticker that is on the lid’s top side. If you have an older tub, then the code would be available near the oval opening. The code of the Pampers Rewards would be the middle line.

Wipes Refill Packs:

For the individual soft packs or refills, the codes will be on every package’s outside or under soft pack’s back seam. You must look at all sides because the codes can be available at different places.

For Multi-Packs:

Every single pouch will have a rewards code. For the maximum value of the points, you must enter all rewards codes. For more details, you can access their website and go through “How to Find Codes” section.

Do Pampers Rewards Points Expire?

As long as you remain active as a member, the rewards points won’t expire. If your account goes inactive for over 12 months, the points might expire. So, you should make sure that you enter the codes regularly to earn the points and enjoy the rewards gifts.

Where To Find My Pampers Rewards And Promotional Codes?

The Pampers Rewards promotional codes and orders can be found directly on the Pampers account. Just log in to your Pampers account online and access the dashboard. After accessing your profile dashboard, you should click “Rewards Points” and sort by “Points Redeemed”. Now, you will find all the rewards that you have redeemed and the promotional codes generated. If you redeemed multiple rewards on the same transaction, then you will find a single code in the section of your Points Redeemed. When you redeem points, an email confirmation would also be sent that will include the promotional codes.

How To Join The Pampers Rewards?

To join this program, you should download the official “Pampers Rewards” app on your Smartphone from the App Store or Play Store and enter the required information to join. If you want to join this program using your personal computer, then follow the instructions that are as below:

  1. Access the official Pampers website on any internet browser by following the link:
  2. Now, click the “Rewards” option that you can see on the top menu bar of the website. Now, you can see a “Download now” button right in the middle of the website’s slider image. Click this button to get started.

Now, you should simply download their official app and join the program through it. For more information, you can go through their website, any time.