Get Started With Shopping Subway Gift Card Online

You can visit the official Subway website to buy a new card, reload your card, or to access your card account in a convenient way. With this card, you can easily feed your whole family because this card is available for your whole family. For the cardholders, getting the Subway’s delicious food is now right at their fingertips. To grab additional benefits, you can also sign in to the online cardholder’s account. Once signed in to your account, you would be able to check the gift card balance, stay updated with the rewards offers, rewards, and tokens. You can easily create your card account online on their website. On the same website, you can also learn about the rewards program.

Basic Requirements To Buy A Card

To buy a card, you don’t need to fulfill any special requirements. You only need to have a computer that you can use to access their official website from where you can buy a new card. Make sure that your browser is up to date because some websites don’t support outdated browsers. The best thing about their card is that it will let you earn rewards on your purchases that you can use to buy food or to get a discount on your next purchases.

Instructions To Access Subway And Buy A Card Online

You can buy this card in any amount that is between $5 and $500. If you want to buy a new gift card, then you should simply follow these steps on your personal computer:

  1. Visit the Subway’s official website on your personal computer. You can access this website by using the link:
  2. When you are on their official website, you will find a “Buy a Card” option on the left-hand side of the webpage. Click this option, and then choose whether you want to send an eGift card or you want to send a gift card by mail. After that, choose your card design and amount and go through the on-screen instructions to order the gift card.

This is how you can buy a gift card on the Subway’s official website. To learn more about the gift cards, you can also visit their FAQs page that is accessible on their website.