How To Check DealerApps Prize Status Online

Have you recently serviced your vehicle from a dealer and you’ve received an invitation that may get you a prize? If yes, then you can access the DealerApps My Prize Status website that is designed to help you check the status of your prize online. With the invitation, you should have also received a code that you can use to check the prize status. With this service, the Auto Dealers try to establish a great relationship with their customers. When the customers are happy, the company has prominent chances to enhance their business. This guide will let you understand how you can check your prize status from wherever you are.

DealerApps My Prize Status Services

This promotion plays an exceptional role between the auto dealers and their customers. With this service, the customers can conveniently confirm their prize status and delivery. The DealerApps is managing this website who ensures that this online tool stays available round the clock for the convenience of the customers.

DealerApps Advertising Solutions

There is a range of advertising solutions offered by the DealerApps for its customers. The prize center hotline is available 24 hours a day, every day to answer your calls. Other advertising solutions are magazines and TV commercials.

They also have the full capacity to manage a range of publicity response calls as well as online inquiries. Here are a few services that you should take a look at:

  • Appointment setting
  • Order taking
  • Reservation taking
  • Seminar registration
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Online response and custom call handling
  • Infomercial response handling

All the above-listed services include their on-the-web real-time lead management and reporting suite.

Instructions to Check DealerApps Prize Status Online

If you wish to check the status of your prize online, then you need to get into the following instructions:

  1. Begin the process by visiting the official DealerApps My Prize Status web page. This page can be accessed by using the link:
  2. Now that you are on their website, you would see two empty boxes right in the middle of your computer screen. This is where you need to enter your invitation code and your Zip code. After entering this information, click “Continue” button.

Now, you can see the prize status to confirm its delivery as well as every related detail. If you still have some issues or questions, then you can get in touch with your auto dealer or you can meet them as well.