Access My Plates To Create Customized Plate

My Plates, Texas-based company, got a contract by TxDMV (Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for designing, marketing, and selling the new customized license plates in Texas State. From this company, you can get a variety of unique and creative specialty plate designs, many colleges and universities, Texas colors and themes, charities, sports teams, and more. If you are living in Texas, then you have the option to choose from a broad range of specialty plates by this company. In this post, the Texans will learn how they can create a specialty plate on the company’s official website.

In Addition To The Specialty Plates

Getting the specialty plates is not the only facility that the company is providing to the Texans. Apart from this exceptional service and great fun, there is also something else very exciting for the locals. A small portion of your plate purchase will go into the state general revenue fund. The company has managed $25 million in their first five years of the operations to provide services for the Texans. So, what are you waiting for? Just create your customize plate right today by visiting their website.

Instructions To Create A Customized Plate With My Plates

So, you have decided to create your customized plate. For this purpose, you need to turn on your PC, and then the rest can be done by following these simple instructions:

  1. Visit the web page that is going to help you create a customized plate online. This webpage can be visited by clicking the link:
  2. Now on this webpage, you should see a “Create a Plate” option. This option is located on the top of the webpage just before the “Gr8pI8s” option. Once found, please click this option.

Now, you will be on a new page where you should go through the available options, such as 7-Letter Personalized, Personalized, Background Only, and Restyle. After choosing one option, you need to choose your design, enter your information, and then finally checkout to complete your purchase.

This is how you can create a customized plate on their official website. If you have any queries, then you can visit their “FAQs” page that is also available on the same webpage. Or, you can also dial their toll-free number that is 888-769-7528 between M-F 8am-5pm.