File Claim For My Card Benefits Status

Do you have a MasterCard and you have recently filed a claim? If yes, then you can visit the My Card Benefits website to check the status of your claim. Apart from checking the claim status, this website also helps you view the list of needed documents, upload needed documents, viewing a list of the received documents, and find the important contact information. On this website, you can also go through the frequently asked questions to get answers to your general queries. You can also view the glossary of the terms on this website. For now, we will walk you through the process of checking your claim status through this website.


In order to check the status of your claim, you need to have your claim number. If you are a United States resident, then you will also have to enter the Zip code of where you are living. Apart from that, you should have a personal computer that should be connected to the internet. There is no other special requirement. Let’s see how one can check the MasterCard claim status on the My Card Benefits website.

Instructions To File Claim For My Card Benefit Status

Please turn on your internet-connected computer, and then follow the simple instructions that are mentioned here:

  1. Visit the My Card Benefits website. You can visit this website by using its official link that is When you are on the website, you will be asked to select the issuing bank country. For example, select “United States”, and then click “Proceed”.
  2. Now, look at the menu bar of the website where you can see a “Check Claim Status” option. Click that option to get started.

On the new page where you are directed after clicking the “Check Claim Status” page, you need to enter the information, like your claim number and Zip code (for US residents only). Also, select “I’m not a robot” to prove that you are a human. Finally, click “Proceed” button to check the status of your claim.

The benefits that are mentioned on this website may not be available for your specific card product. The MasterCard benefits vary by the card issuer. You can get in touch with your MasterCard issuer institute. Call their helpline for more information.