Buy Kroger Gift Card Online

Kroger Gift Card is a reward and a discount offering service presented to the customers to build a good relationship with them from the Kroger. The company was founded in the year 1883, which is 133 years ago, in the Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

It has been providing some superstores, convenience store, supercenters, and many kinds of the other specialty supermarkets in all over the United States. It has known to be headquartered in the same location where it was founded and have known to be running a total of 2,778 locations from there.

Process To Buy The Kroger Gift Card:

Gift Cards helps the customers in multiple ways, whether it is buying a product online, or get a discount offer or sometimes even get you reward points that can be redeemed at the store anytime. Here is how to buy the gift card:

  • The good thing is, the company is selling the gift cards on their official website.
  • The direct link to the official website is
  • Scrolling down a bit, you will see a long list of the gift cards on the very first page of the website.
  • Select the card you want to get, type in the amount you want on the card in the first field right next to the card option.
  • Make sure to type in the card amount ranging from $10 to $250, and type in the amount in the cents as well even if its .00.
  • Provide the quantity of the card as well in the second field now.
  • After typing in the both, scroll down to the end of the page to click the yellow “Add to Cart” button.
  • Now again, scroll down and click the yellow “View Cart” button.
  • Review your order, and you can make a change to it as well if you want to, then click the yellow “Checkout” button below it.
  • Type in your first and the last name in the first two fields of this opening page now.
  • Provide the name of the company and your address in the next two fields.
  • Provide the city, state and the zip code of your residence now.
  • Choose your country, provide the phone number as well.
  • Select the shipping rate now, and click the yellow “Next” button at the end of the page.
  • Now, check the box, if the shipping address is the same as the billing address that you have already provided on the previous page.
  • Type in your phone number again.
  • Provide your email address now.
  • Choose your card type from the list in the next field.
  • Type in the name of your card in the field next to the card type now.
  • Provide your card number as well now.
  • Type in the expiration date of your card in the next blank field.
  • In the end, type in your security number in the last field on this page.

Click the yellow “Next” button now; that will get you to the next page where you have to provide a little more info and then after reviewing the order, submit it to the company in the end.