Access John Hancock To See Your Retirement Plan

John Hancock is a life insurance company that is on a mission to offer top-of-the-line life insurance, annuity, and pension products and services. The products offered by the company revolve around the great combination of investment solutions. They offer services with an objective to offer adjusted returns & extensive diversification across the investment styles, asset managers, and asset classes. With the extensive range of product offered, exceptional rating, competitive underwriting, and the top notch customer service, you can count on them. Their premium products are designed to assist create & preserve the wealth for their clients. The company is the subsidiary of the Manulife Financial Corporation that is trading as the ‘MFC’ on NYSE, PSE, and TSX, as well as under the ‘0945’ on SEHK.

John Hancock Retirement Plan Services

If you are worried about your life after your retirement and want to explore your retirement plans, then you can access the John Hancock Retirement Plan Services site. All you need is to visit this site and sign in to your online account using your account username and password. After signing in to this account, you can easily check out what your retirement looks like. The information provided through this site doesn’t constitute tax or legal advice in relation to the taxpayer.

The contact info is absolutely confidential and the users agree to protect and safeguard such info as per the standards that are required by the law. You can learn more about this service on their site where detailed information is available. Now, let’s see how you can sign in to the online account on this website to see your retirement plan.

Instructions To See Your Retirement Plan At John Hancock

To check your retirement plan on the official John Hancock Retirement Plan Services website, here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Turn on your computer and make sure that it is connected to the internet. After that, launch an internet browser, and then follow this link: This will take you to their official site.
  2. On their site, you will find the sign in fields on the left-hand side. Please complete these fields with your account username and password, and then click “Sign me in” button. You will now be signed into your online account.

After signing into your online account, you can easily check your retirement plan. For more information, you can also dial the helpline number of John Hancock.