Make Your BP Credit Card Application Online

There is a broad range of credit cards available including travel rewards, lower interest rates, cash back, credit building cards and more. Before applying for a credit card, it is always important to take a closer look at its rates, rewards, and other important aspects. Getting a new credit card without learning about it in detail may end up grabbing a card that actually does not worth it. The BP credit card is one of the credit cards issued by the Synchrony Bank (SYNCB). If you want to apply for this card, then we are here to help you make a better decision by sharing the credit card information in detail. We will also show you how to apply for this card if you believe this is the right choice according to your preferences.

BP Credit Card Options And Rewards To Earn

There are basically two types of BP credit cards that you can choose from. There is a “BP Visa Credit Card” and a “BP Credit Card” offered by the Synchrony Bank. Whatever credit card you choose from the available options, you will be earning cents/gallon rewards. You can redeem the earned rewards instantly at one of their participating pumps and other locations. According to their introductory offer, you will be able to earn a 25¢ off/gallon for every $100 that you spend using any of the two credit cards. The introductory offer is for the first ninety days after the opening of your account.

After the introductory offer, you will get 25¢ off/gallon on BP Visa Credit Card at the BP stations, 15¢ off/gallon for the eligible dining, travel, and groceries, and 5¢ off/gallon wherever a Visa Credit Card is accepted. With a BP credit card, you will enjoy a 10¢ off/gallon at the BP locations. You don’t need to spend $100 for earning rewards.

Some Additional Benefits

Whatever credit card you choose to apply, there is no annual fee for any of the two credit cards. For the new accounts (as of 04/01/2018), the variable purchase APR for the cards is 28.49. $2.00 is the minimum interest charge and the APR will vary according to the prime rate of the market. There are also some additional benefits that you will get with these cards. There is $0 fraud liability for the unauthorized use, like getting cash from ATMs and redeeming the rewards at the participating locations and pumps of the BP. You can use your credit card wherever the Visa cards are accepted as well as on the BP sites.

To redeem your rewards, you get two different options. You can redeem your earned rewards at the pumps for the instant savings at the participating stations of BP. Or, you can also redeem rewards as the statement credit. You can redeem the earned cents/gallon as a statement credit for a 15 gallon fill up value. To find the nearest participating stations for redeeming rewards, you can also use the station finder tool that is available on their official website.

APRs, Fees And Additional Info

Whatever credit card option you select, there will be no annual fee and the purchase intro APR is also not offered. The card doesn’t allow balance transfers and the regular APR is 28.49% (V). The maximum late fee is $38. There is no maximum over limit fee and no maximum penalty APR. As far as the grace period is concerned, then you will get a 23-day time. The cash advance APR is 29.99%, cash advance fee is 5% (min $10) and the foreign transaction fee of this card is 3%. The card comes with a chip and signature technology that ensures exceptional security. Now, let’s discuss how to apply for one of their credit cards.

How To Apply For A BP Credit Card

You can visit the nearest BP station and fill out the credit card application there. Or, you can also access their official website and submit the online application with convenience. For online applications, you should use an internet connected computer and you must have an updated internet browser. Here are the simple steps that you should follow in order to apply for one of their credit cards online:

  1. Access BP Credit card official website in any updated internet browser.
  2. Once the website opens, you will find an “Apply Now” button in the middle of the page. Click this button to get started with the online application. Now, you will be directed to a new page with a credit card application form.

Just fill out the online application form by providing the required information. You will need to enter the information about you, statement delivery, authorized users, verification details, station information and optional card security details. You will also need to agree to their terms and conditions. Finally, you should click the green “Accept and Submit” button to submit the online credit card application.

If you are finding any difficulty with the online application, then you should visit the local BP location. Fill up the form there with the assistance of their customer service agent who will walk you through the entire process.

When Will I Receive My Card?

After the successful submission of your online credit card application, you will be notified immediately. If you have applied for the card by mail, then there will be an additional processing time. You will receive your credit card after 7 – 10 days of your credit card application approval. If you don’t receive your card within the official timeframe, then you can call their helpline. Or, if you have any queries after receiving your credit card, then you should dial the phone number that is printed on the back side of your credit card.

If you need to learn more about their credit cards, then you can visit their official website. Or, you can also visit the local BP Station and talk to one of their customer service agents. Before applying for any credit card, you must compare it with the other available options. This will allow you to grab the best possible option as per your specific needs.