Buy Logan’s Roadhouse Gift Card Online

Logan’s Roadhouse gift cards are offered by an American chain of the restaurants that was established in the year 1991 in the Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

The headquarter of the company is now based in the Nashville, Tennessee, United States from where it is operating a total of 230 locations.

Step By Step Guide To Buy Logan’s Roadhouse Gift Card Online:

  • You need to establish a very high-speed and the top-quality internet connection with your computer or a laptop that should be constant and reliable as well.
  • Open your web browser now and visit the official website of the company,
  • Visit the gift cards offering page on the website after that.
  • This link will help you get to the website with a single click, it will take you to the gift cards page:
  • Click onto the black “BUY A PHYSICAL GIFT CARD” button on this page now.
  • Now, click onto the red “Get Started” button on the next page.
  • Upload an image to personalize the card according to your own choice.
  • Click onto the black “Continue” button at the end of this page now.
  • On the next page now, select the amount you want on the card in the first field and then type in the quantity of the cards you want to get in the next field.
  • Click onto the red “Continue” button at the end of this page now.
  • Select the design of the card on the next page and click on it. That is the type of card as well.
  • On the next page, click onto the black “Send as is” button.
  • Select the quantity of the addresses you have in the first field.
  • Select the title now and then provide your first name, last name and the name of the company as well in the initial fields on the form.
  • Type in the job title, provide the address after that now.
  • Type in the city and then select the state in the next two fields.
  • Provide the zip code in the next field now.
  • Type in your email address in the field next to it and then confirm this email address in the field next to it now.
  • Select the date of the shipment now in the next section and then select the shipment method as well.
  • Click onto the red “Continue” button at the end of this page now.
  • Review the order on the next page now and then click onto the black “Continue to Purchase” button at the end of the order form.
  • Now, if your billing address is the same as the shipping address, then check the box present at the top of the page.
  • If it is different, then provide all the demanded info in the section exactly as it was in the shipping section.
  • In the credit card information section, provide the card type in the first field now.
  • Type in the card number in the field next to it.
  • Select the expiration date of the card after that and then type in the card id number.

Click onto the red “Process Order” button to submit the order to get it back in a few days.