Join Sears Credit Card Online Application Portal

If you are looking for a credit card to access exclusive savings, and special financing, then you can opt for the Sears Card. This card is offered by the Citibank and it offers great incentives to the consumers to for managing their shopping cart in a cost-effective way. The credit card is especially beneficial for the people who frequently visit Sears and purchase different items from there. With this card, the cardholders would be able to enjoy a lot of perks, such as savings and earning rewards. But before you opt for it, it is necessary that you must go through all the necessary details about this card to for an informed decision. Apart from monthly savings, the cardholders will also get coupons.

Citibank Offer Two Cards

If you are looking for the Sears cards, then you should know that there are two types of cards offered by the Citibank. The one is called Sears Card and the other one is Sears MasterCard. Sears Card is basically a store credit card that you can use at their locations as well as at Kmart. If your interest is to look for a credit card that can offer you savings and rewards at these two stores, then you should apply for this card. The store card can’t be used at any other place. With this card, you will earn points on every dollar you spend. The card can also be used at and Let’s have a quick look at the store card details to help you decide whether or not you should opt for this card.

About Sears Card

This store credit card comes with monthly savings, credit offers, and the special financing offers. The cardholders will also have access to the advanced notice of the Sears sales events. The card comes with zero annual fees and the regular purchase APR is 25.49% that is variable. There is no sign-up bonus, no foreign transaction fee and no intro purchase APR. The day when you open your account, you will get a $15 discount on your purchases or special financing for the six months. Every month, the cardholders are given special discounts as well as special financing on different products.

The store credit card comprises of ship and signature technology. For the current penalty APR, you should see their terms on the website. The cash advance APR is 27.40% that is variable. For the late payments, the cardholders may face a late fee of up to $37. The refund payment fee is up to $37. With your card, you will also get a Guide to Benefits demonstrating the specific perks that this card offers. The cardholders will have advance notice of their sales and exclusive access to the news about the upcoming specials and sales.

A cardholder can also have access to the temporary shopping pass. In case if you forget the card, then you can use your ID to get the temporary day pass. As far as the security is concerned, then they offer fraud protection and CITI identity theft solutions. If any unauthorized purchase is made on your store credit card, then you will not be held liable for that. If your identity is compromised or stolen anytime, then you will also get professional help on that.

Online Account Management

Apart from the many card perks, the sears cardholders also get an online access to manage their account in a convenient way. After getting your card, you can also sign up for the online account on their website. This account offers some additional perks, such as online bill payments, balance check, requesting a credit limit increase, adding authorized users and more. You can access this account, anytime, from anywhere. The best thing about online account management is that you can do it even on your smart device. For instance, if you need to manage your account online on your Smartphone, then you can download their official mobile app and sign in to use the online account features.

How To Apply For The Sears Card?

If you think that this store credit card meets your interests, then you can apply for this card in a couple of ways. The card applications are accepted online, as well as at the Sears locations. You can visit the nearest location and complete and submit the application form there. Or, you can just visit their official website and apply for the card in a convenient way.

Here is what you should know for the online store credit card application submission:

  1. Turn on a computer that is connected to the internet. Launch an internet browser, and then open the official website of Sears Card.
  2. Once there, you will get the two card options right on your computer screen. On the left-hand side, you will see the “Sears Card” option. Click its “APPLY NOW” button to get started with the online credit card application. You can also click “Terms and Conditions” link before starting the application to read their terms & conditions.

After you click “APPLY NOW” button, a new page will open in a new tab. On this new page, you should read the on-screen information, and then hit the button “Continue Application”. Now, you will be on a page where you just have to complete the store credit card application form. Provide all necessary details and finally hit the button “Submit Application. Now, your credit card application is submitted. The entire process of online credit card submission should not take more than 5 minutes.

When Should You Receive The Card?

Once you have successfully submitted your credit card application online, you will be notified instantly about your card application submission. The concerned team will go through your application and if your application is approved, then the card will be sent to your location within 7-10 working days. In case of any questions or queries, you can visit their website or speak to their customer service agent by dialing the phone number 1-800-917-770.