How To Apply For The Indigo® Unsecured MasterCard®

Indigo® Unsecured MasterCard® is a credit card that offers a variety of advantages and financial benefits that are very easy and secure to get on the guarantee of the company known by the name of Indigo, it provides a wide range of financial services to the Americans based all over the country. The company that provides it tends to move out every helping wish they has at the time of the establishment of the company back in the year 2001. It was setup for the first time in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Clearly, 13 years of the experience of the company is the proof of its own truly accurate and excellent amount of the services it is giving all these years. It is a kind of a card that is provided by the Celtic Bank along with a big helping hand and collaboration of Genesis Bankcard Services, Inc.

The Unsecured MasterCard by the company comes with the following benefits:

  • No security deposit is allowed at all to get the card and services.
  • You can get the design of your wish free of cost.
  • It is accepted all over the country, wherever a MasterCard is accepted.
  • It comes with a fast and very easy decision on your application.
  • You will get the protection from the fraud as well in case your card is stolen or lost.
  • The annual fee of the card ranges from $0 – $99.
  • It comes with an APR of about 23.90%.
  • You can get to buy it from the online website of the company.
  • Apart from all these services, there is still a long list of other services as well that you can get.

The Process To Apply For The Indigo® Unsecured MasterCard®

  • In order to start this process, you should be well aware of the official website of the company or at least the one that is a trusted one.
  • Go to this website now by searching it on the Google.
  • If it is hard to find, or you cannot get to find the official one, here is the link that will take you directly to the card buying page:
  • On this page, click on the green “Apply Now” button.
  • Now, you need to check that if you are pre-qualified or not, for that, fill out the form:
    • Enter the first name first of all.
    • Provide the middle name and then the last name in the next field.
    • Select a suffix.
    • Provide your complete home address now.
    • Type the name of the city, and then the state as well.
    • Provide your zip code now, and then enter the date of your birth.
    • Provide your SSN and the email address.
    • Provide your primary and the secondary phone number after that.
    • Check the terms and policies box at the end.
  • Click on the orange “PRE-QUALIFY NOW!” button at the end of the page and get to the next page.

If you are prequalified, click on the orange “Apply Now” button and get to submit the application at the end.