Apply For USAA Secured Card Visa Platinum®

The USAA Secured Card Visa Platinum® is one of those credit cards that offers the greatest benefits to the military personnel as an opportunity to get the low APR, low fees, and the free credit-monitoring, etc. This card is also a great choice if someone is rebuilding the or in the process of the building the credit. To get this card, you need to be a member of the USAA.

If you want to become a member of the USAA, then you need to be someone who is honorably separated or retired officer, active military, a candidate officer in the Academy, OCS/OTS, ROTC, or enlisted personnel. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits and features of this card and how one can apply for this card.

USAA Secured Card Visa Platinum® Features & Benefits

Look at the following benefits and features to find out if it is the right option for your needs:

Retail & Travel Benefits

The cardholder will enjoy zero foreign transaction fees, while traveling outside the US. There is also the wavier coverage for the collision damage that pays for the physical damages and the theft of the rental vehicles. The services of identity theft resolution and extended warranty are also available.

Special Military Benefits

There is a deployment/PCS rate that helps the cardholder get a handsome 4 percent APR on the balances for the twelve months during the PCS or deployment. After the twelve months there will be an APR of 10.15% to 20.15%. There is also a special 4 percent SCRA rate. There are also the military campaign benefits and more that will be provided to the military personnel.

Security & Convenience

The card is embedded with a modern day chip technology to provide the added security, when the cardholder is using the card at the chip enabled terminals. The card is acceptable all across the globe and you will not be liable, if there is an unauthorized use of the card. The transaction history and account balance can be received by the text message.

How To Apply For USAA Secured Card Visa Platinum®

Here are the steps to follow, if you wish to apply for this credit card:

  • Click the link: /
  • Now you will witness a green “Get Started” button on the left side of your computer screen. Click that.
  • Select if or not you are already a USSA member, and then hit the green “Continue” button.
  • If you select “No”, then you will see the new choices that you have to select about your military affiliation.
  • After providing your USSA log in details the application will start.
  • Start filling up the required information such as your personal information and other details.
  • Once you have provided the information demanded, you can submit the application by clicking the button that is designed to submit the online applications.

Normally, it takes a time period of seven to ten business days to respond to your application. However, you might get an instant email, telling you the reasons for which your application has been rejected.